• RSS 2021
  • 2021-06-16   : 8 AM to 9 PM
  • Online


Today’s social fabric is a realm of important changes and movements. Work loses its salience, transnationalism shapes everyday life, people live more and spend more time in education than ever, they marry later (the second demographic transition is practically generalized), societal organization is under siege, both from populism and main stream ideologies, religion is turning into a diversity of positioning, family becomes more diverse than ever, organizations operate with new structures and patterns, social ties are redefined by social media and digitization. Such changes were anticipated since the early 1970s, when a tide of post- concepts was shaping social sciences, including, but not being limited to postindustrial society, postmodern, poststructuralism, etc. The conference acknowledges the current trends and asks how the nowadays processes are reflected in our research. What we are looking from participants is to present their own research also referring, at least in the discussion part, to these “post-“ trends that are in place. Therefore, we invite for proposing conference panels that include your current research, seen through the post-lenses of our current societies, as given by the above-underlined transformations.

Conference Program

The final version of the SSR 2021 Conference program can be found here. The draft version of the SSR 2021…

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Conference Panels

The conference is seeking submissions related to the conference topic, but not limited to the following panels:

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The following pre-conference workshops are dedicated (mainly) to the scholars at the beginning of their career. Students and PhD students…

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Keynote Speakers

Sussane Pickel

Professor dr.

Democracy and social values – how socialization, deprivation, and feelings of threat promote illiberal thinking about democracy

Arne L. Kalleberg

Professor dr.

Precarious Work, Precarious Lives

Harley Dickinson

Professor of Sociology

Higher education and the transformation of modernizing knowledge systems

Horațiu Rusu

Professor of Sociology

International Migration for studies and intentions to return among Romanian medical students.


The following pre-conference workshops are dedicated (mainly) to the scholars at the beginning of their career. Students and PhD students will have priority, and the available places will be occupied in the order of registration. Please note that the workshops will be held simultaneously. Contact the organisers for any inquiries.

Mixed Methods Research: Key Concepts and Considerations – Jason Disano

Qualitative data in social research – Florentina Scârneci-Domnișoru

Introduction to multilevel analysis using R – Alexandru Cernat